EuropCar Group is a leader in the European car rental market. Operating in 150 countries, the company provides its clients with the access to the biggest car rental network in the world, thanks to franchising and partnership agreements. Europcar Italia S.p.A. is a limited company led by Europcar Holding S.A.S., which belongs to the French Investment Company Eurazero.
Europcar will acknowledge to Hotel “La Corte” clients a 10% discount on car rental in Italy (both on best pre – paid  and official prices, special offers included) if they give the special identification code 51426094

It's a free association without profit.
The Club was founded as the impulse to an increasingly close relationship between motorcycling and its readers.

Via Umberto, 4308048 TORTOLÌ (OG) tel.: 0782620116

AssoCral ® Europe at the expense of the name, is not a CRAL but a not-for-profit organization.
For over 25 years our main goal is to browse and search through commercial activities and services, which offer attractive terms and agreements targeted.
Until the 90s the only means to disseminate the Conventions proposals were represented by exposure on the bulletin board or the publication paper in the booklet, which is still being distributed to Members.

A red rock that looks to the East, on the Gulf: here lies the ancient village of Scopello (from the Greek Skopelos rock), a few kilomeri from the town of Castellammare del Golfo, in the province of Trapani.